What’s a Civil Union? Why You Might Want One (Even If You’re Not Gay) And Why You Should Care About Civil Unions (Even If You Don’t Want One)

Whether you live in Illinois or elsewhere, you know that Illinois is…special. For many reasons. In fact, you can probably list a number of reasons very easily.

But those reasons aside, Illinois is special because we have something truly unique that no one else has. It’s the Illinois Civil Union law. The official name of this unusual law is the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.

This law is special because it does something that no other civil union law does. It permits all couples to enter into a civil union. That’s right, all couples—not just same sex couples, but opposite sex couples, too. Since there are only half a dozen other states which have civil union laws, we’re pretty special for just having a civil union law. But we’re extra special because only ours allows both gay and straight couples to form this kind of legal relationship.

Now you’re probably not surprised that same sex couples would want the option of entering into a civil union. After all, they can’t be legally married (at least, not in Illinois or most other states), so many people think a civil union is the next best thing.

What you’re probably asking…is what everyone asks:  Why would opposite sex couples want a civil union, since they can get married?

And the other question you’re probably asking is….well, the other question everyone asks: Why should I care about civil unions?

If you’re wondering why a traditional marriage license might be better—or worse—than a civil union, read on. If you’re an employer or manage a business, read on. If you are employed or hope to be, keep reading. And if you’re interested in getting an Illinois civil union, then you’re definitely in the right place. There’s plenty for everyone to care about in the Illinois Civil Union law.

These questions and many others will be answered….and there are more than a few surprises in store.