ACLU Joins State Against Catholic Charities In Civil Unions Lawsuit

by Beverly A. Pekala on August 2, 2011

In the pending case brought by Catholic Charities seeking permission to continue their policy of providing foster care and adoptions to married couples and single parents living separately, but not to couples in civil unions, the ACLU was granted permission by the court to join with the State of Illinois against Catholic Charities.

 ACLU lawyers argued that allowing Catholic Charities to turn away prospective parents based on sexual orientation or religious beliefs violates a federal consent decree respecting children in the care of DCFS, and that the consent decree requires that the state only consider the “best interests of the child” and not  the religious beliefs of Catholic Charities.

 Catholic Charities has said that prospective parents would not be asked about their sexual orientation, and that they would be referred to the many other agencies open and available to work with civil unions couples in adoptions and becoming foster parents.

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