Catholic Charities to Appeal

by Beverly A. Pekala on August 31, 2011

Catholic Charities plans to appeal the decision of Judge John Schmidt permitting DCFS to cease adoptions and foster-care placements with Catholic Charities, unless the judge reconsiders his decision.

 The Court ruled that Catholic Charities, which had a 40 year history of working with DCFS, did not have the right to a new state contract. However, Judge Schmidt failed to address the issue of whether the religious organization violated the Illinois civil unions law by refusing to serve gay and lesbians couples.

Catholic Charities argued that it does not specifically turn away same-sex couples, but rather all unmarried, cohabiting couples, whether they are opposite sex or same-sex couples. Additionally, the organization argues the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Illinois civil union law do not apply to religious organizations.

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