Catholic Charities Wins First Round in Illinois Civil Unions Suit

by Beverly A. Pekala on July 13, 2011

An Illinois judge has issued a ruling in the ongoing Catholic Charities case regarding the Illinois Civil Unions Act, declining to allow the State of Illinois to stop contracting with Catholic Charities.

 The State of Illinois argues that Catholic Charities must agree to place children with gay or unwed couples, resulting from the passage of the Illinois Civil Unions law. While Catholic Charities is a religious agency, they receive public funds to license foster care parents and by refusing to place children with gay parents the state argues the agency is breaking anti-discrimination laws.

 Catholic Charities argues that the state of Illinois is discriminating against them based on the state’s interpretation of the Illinois Civil Unions law, and that the state’s position violates religious protections.

 There will be a full hearing held on this matter August 25, 2011. Until then, the children in the care of Catholic Charities will remain in their care and will not be transferred to other social service agencies.  

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