This Law Does Everything Automatically, So I Don’t Have To Do Anything?

Wrong. If this is what you think, either you haven’t been following along or you have a strange sense of humor.

The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act is a comprehensive law making it essential for individuals and employers to review with legal counsel how the law affects them so measures can be taken appropriate to each situation.

It’s important that you learn your legal rights and responsibilities, including how the law impacts you and your and your family in the areas of health care, employment benefits, estate planning and taxes. The Illinois Civil Union Act affects many areas of the law, including adoption, custody, paternity, divorce, maintenance, taxes, health insurance, retirement benefits, employment benefits, probate, and estate planning.

Businesses must analyze the impact of the law on employees and their spouses, partners and dependents.  Careful attention will be paid to the specifics of employment and benefit plans, since implementing changes to those plans and policies must be done swiftly.

Please don’t assume that the civil union law—or any other law—will necessarily make your life easier or simpler. You don’t get to sit back and do nothing assuming the law has automatically done it for you. Do your own research and investigation. Talk to your employer. Talk to your lawyer. Talk to your spouse, partner or significant other.