Civil Unions in Arizona?

by Beverly A. Pekala on January 22, 2013

Maybe. Arizona State Senator Ed Ableser introduced a bill which would legally recognize civil unions in Arizona

for same-sex as well as opposite sex couples.  This is the same type of law we now have in Illinois, which provides legal recognition of civil unions for both heterosexual couples as well as gay couples.  (And if you’re asking why a
heterosexual couple would want or need a civil union, find the answer at:
While some say the odds of this bill passing in Arizona are slim (others say totally non-existent), the Supreme Court is set to hear the California case in March, challenging California’s ban on same-sex marriage and will also hear
arguments in the DOMA case. As the rulings are expected in June, it’s unlikely that prior to that time the proposed civil union legislation in Arizona will make much progress…though one never knows.
How many states now recognize civil unions? If you don’t know, the answer tomorrow….

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