Do You Need a License (Like a Marriage License)?

Yes, and as always, where there is a license, there is a fee. Partners must apply for a civil union license and pay a fee in the same way that couples apply for a marriage license and pay a fee.  After the license is received, the next step is the ceremony or solemnization.

We all know that couples getting married have many choices about what kind of marriage ceremony or service they wish, and so do couples entering into a civil union. Partners must select an “officiant” which is the legal word for the person who is allowed to perform a marriage or civil union. Just as with couples getting married, the officiant can be a judge, priest, rabbi or other person recognized under the law. Some couples go to City Hall and a judge marries them in a ceremony lasting less than ten minutes, while others have services performed at religious or special venues followed by elaborate ceremonies. Some are performed locally, while others are “destination” events. Couples contemplating a civil union have all the same decisions to make about the type and place of ceremony or service they wish, and who will officiate.

After the license is obtained and the ceremony is completed, the couple receives a certificate of civil union, which is like a marriage certificate.

Does this sound to you like getting married?