How Many Illinois Civil Unions So Far?

by Beverly A. Pekala on July 8, 2011

The passage of the Illinois Civil Unions legislation was hailed by gay rights supporters as a victory for couples wishing to legally formalize their relationship. Since Illinois began issuing civil unions licenses June 1, 2011, a frequently asked question is how many couples are likely to enter into civil unions, now that they’re legal? Well, we now know what the June, 2011 figures are, so perhaps it’s possible to hazard a guess.

According to data gathered by Equality Illinois, a gay rights advocacy group, in the last month Illinois has issued more than 1,600 civil unions licenses. This includes licenses issued in Cook County , the state’s largest county, as well as 82 other counties across Illinois . Some consider this number larger than expected, some smaller, and others in the middle.

 As the data becomes available on the number of Illinois civil unions, those numbers will be reported here on our blog. 

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