What About Supporting Gay Marriage Because It’s Fiscally Responsible?

by Beverly A. Pekala on January 18, 2013

For some, gay marriage is about equality. For some, it’s about morality. For others still reviewing the issue, perhaps an idea worth considering is that gay marriage is fiscally wise.

To state the obvious, Illinois is deeply in debt. And weddings are big business. Actually, weddings are beyond big, they’re huge. On average, couples spend $25,000 on the cost of a wedding. From from photographs to flowers, from hotels to honeymoons, from limos to live bands…well, you get the idea. In these tough financial times, Illinois vendors catering to couples marrying would no doubt welcome an increase in business, and Illinois would welcome an increase in revenues. As you’d expect, states which have legalized same-sex marriage have seen an increase in weddings and if you think we’re not talking big dollars, just take a look at the numbers for New York:

In the first year same-sex marriage was legal in New York, gay couples spent $101 million dollars in wedding expenses. An additional $53 million dollars was spent in tourism by couples and their guests. And yes, you read that right. In the first twelve months after legalizing gay marriage, over $100 million dollars was spent, and that’s real money, even in this world.

So if you never considered the financial ramifications of legalizing same-sex marriage, you now have millions of reasons to do so.

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