You’re Probably Wondering…What Do We Call a Civil Union Relationship?

That’s a good question. Let’s start with what we do know. A married couple is said to have a “spouse” following their ceremony. A couple in a civil union said to have a “partner” or “domestic partner” after their ceremony.

We also know that when you apply for a marriage license, after the ceremony we refer to you as “married.” But for those receiving a certificate of civil union, what should we call you? “Unionized”?

Don’t laugh. That’s what some are calling this new relationship. Since the drafters of the law didn’t provide us with any wording, there is currently no answer to the “what do we call this?” question. Therefore, this is an opportunity to name the relationship. Why not try to create a word or phrase that can be used? There’s no right or wrong answer, since we don’t have any answer at all.

We invite you to post your ideas about naming the civil union relationship on our blog.  One of these days, someone will create the word or phrase that will probably be used for a very long time. It could be you.